SOS Foundation

Changing Lives

The SOS Foundation Purpose

The past few years have been full of uncertainty in the area of fund raising with numerous organizations reporting a drop in donations. There are a multitude of reasons why this is happening not the least of which is uncertainty of conditions in Washington, inflation, a shortage of manpower and supply chain issues for goods and services.

The SOS Scholarships are awarded to sons or daughters of our host club employees. The employees must be long term, and they must be an American citizen. Each year the SOS identifies clubs that have or are planning to host a SOS event.

A SOS Foundation scholarship is based on financial need of the student attending an accreted institution of higher learning. The award is for one year but renewable annually if the student's grade performance is met. To date, the recipients have been exceptional with the first graduating the in spring of 2021 and another in December in 2021.

Due to your generosity The SOS Foundation has provided $50,000 in scholarships since its inception. For the 20/22 school years five individuals will receive a scholarship representing five different clubs.

The one thing that is certain is the Foundation will continue to support education by working with clubs that host SOS events.

Shakiya Purcell

Southern Pines Golf Club
Southern Pines, NC

Shakiya became the first student receiving a SOS Scholarship to earn a Bachelor's Degree. She earned her degree from East Carolina University in public health and plans to continue her education in the field of dentistry.

Madison Duncan-Diejuste

Quail Ridge Country Club
Boynton Beach, Florida

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, Madison was unable to student teach during the last school year and will complete this requirement in the fall of this year. Madison will receive her Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from Florida Atlantic University in December.

Dillon Frazer

Barnsley Garden Resort
Adairsville, GA

Dillon was also awarded a scholarship for his third year at Georgia Highland College. Dillon plans to apply to medical school after graduation.